What are your Logistics Engineering capabilities?

JLMI provides on-site document review; maintenance support; recommendations for Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs); and the design, installation, and configuration of logistics software and hardware.

What are your Information Technology and Systems capabilities?

JLMI has the technical expertise to provide cutting edge automation solutions for your logistical requirements.

What are your Logistics Analysis capabilities?

JLMI capabilities include life-cycle analysis; identification of equipment support shortfalls; identification of cost reduction measures; and analyzing major system logistics support trends using program and field inputs.

What are your Logistics Program Support capabilities?

JLMI provides complete logistics program support including preparing all program documentation; automating and operating logistics support systems; and providing extensive training support from needs analysis to interactive distance learning and classroom instruction.

What are your Configuration Management capabilities?

JLMI has a dynamic information technology and automation infrastructure which manages the stability and consistency of a system’s or product’s performance as well as the associated physical attributes. Information assurance is maintained through extensive configuration testing and documentation.

What method of payment is accepted?

We accept various payment options to meet the needs of the customer.